Elite free hosting

The elite and free website hosting is a good choice for individuals who want to see for themselves and test how web sites work and are being designed and managed. This type of hosting is perfect for example for students, who want to host a simple web page, to make some sort of experiments, learn more about HTML, CSS, PHP and do not have a credit card or PayPal account yet. That’s why free web hosting companies are a really great alternative for such individuals. Of course, there are a lot of companies offering free web hosting services but you should pay attention to the features of the free hosting:

elite free web hostingNo ads. Does the elite free web hosting company offer hosting with no ads appearing on your web pages? If yes – you should consider checking out the other features of the free web hosting plan. If not – you should better stay away from this company if at some point you want to make some money out of your web site.

PHP and MySQL support. If you start with some simple HTML pages but at some point you wish to install a content management system such as WordPress or Joomla you will need a free WordPress hosting or free Joomla hosting which supports PHP and MySQL. Pages with dynamic content always leave a good impression at the visitors and you will get only benefits if you sign up for free hosting which offers PHP and MySQL support.

FTP support. You will need to upload a banner, header or a logo for your web site. An elite free website hosting company should be able to provide you with at least 1 FTP account which you can use to manage your files on your web server.